TALLAHASSEE (NSF) – Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed 48 bills, including a measure sure to earn him some political heartburn. The bill (HB 7013) will provide $5,000 payments to government.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott. would have some political capital via his recent election to push for expanding coverage to 78,000 Kansans. There are also growing examples, like Wyoming, of solidly.

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The Trump administration is ruling out plans to sell new drilling rights off the coast of Florida, including eastern Gulf of Mexico waters coveted by oil companies, amid pressure from Republican.

Gov. Rick Scott. The area’s political elite watched on. Sheriff Al Nienhuis stood next to the governor, watching and waiting. scott paused, then opened a black leather folder and signed his name to.


Scott Wants Tax Holidays And Cuts In License Fees. Gov. Rick scott faces mounting pressure from school superintendents, teachers unions and parent groups to veto $23.7 billion in base funding.

Bill Nelson. and fellow Republican Gov. Rick Scott were invited to attend Wednesday’s town hall meeting with Parkland students, parents and teachers, but both men declined the invitation. Nelson,

Race between Scott and incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson could be nation’s most expensive By Rich Shumate, ChickenFriedPolitics.com ORLANDO (CFP) — Republican florida governor rick scott has made official what was widely expected — he will challenge Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in November.

“We are not drilling off the coast of Florida,” said Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke at a hastily called news conference in the Tallahassee airport after meeting with Gov. rick. political spectrum,

Gov. Scott faces pressure from rival gun-rights groups over bill David Albers/Staff – Naples resident Marty Durham fires a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 caliber pistol at the Naples Gun Range Emporium on Friday, April 12, 2013, in Naples.

Bill Nelson shed. his record and criticizing Gov. Rick Scott, who is challenging him for the U.S. Senate. Nelson is among the most vulnerable Democratic senators running for reelection this year,

Trump administration announces new restrictions on sending money to family members in Cuba  · Donald Trumps White House has announced an aggressive new policy to confront the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, labelling the three nations the “troika of tyranny”.

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed 48 bills, including a measure sure to earn him some political heartburn. The bill (HB 7013) will provide $5,000 payments to government workers who adopt foster children, with the payments increasing to $10,000 for adopting children with special needs.

Drug war hits home for Gwinnett residents As volcanic activity at Hawaii’s Kilauea hits the one month mark, Big Island’s mayor ordered residents of Leilani Estates, the community hardest hit by volcanic activity, to evacuate in 24 hours.