The belief that Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fl.) is a hater does not seem accurate. To hate something would imply a person holds strong emotions against something. But that requires passion, zeal and an ideological bent towards a thought concept with deep feelings that can become obsessive in nature. I consider myself an.

Florida republican sen. marco rubio hit back at a reporter who called him out for smiling at President Donald Trump’s tuesday night campaign rally in Orlando, Florida. Rubio, who faced off as a candidate against Trump during the 2016 presidential election, has never pulled punches about his thoughts on the president and would often trade barbs

Some candidates said they never changed their approach. “My strategy was to be myself, and it never changed, period, end of story,” said Kasich, who along with Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

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rubio blasts obama, Vows to Undo Iran Deal. Florida Senator Marco Rubio blasts Obama over his weakness in dealing with Iran and Cuba, says he will undo those deals. florida senator marco rubio, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, on Friday vowed to undo the nuclear deal with Iran if he is elected president.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) On Pelosi’s "Imprisoned" Comment: "Troubling", Reflects Democrats "Unhealthy Obsession" With Undoing 2016 Election

Gamecocks lead for P.J. Blue with big visit coming up

US deploys F-22 fighters to Qatar amid Iran tensions Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said on Tuesday that whether the U.S. goes to war with Iran is now ultimately in the hands of that country’s.

(Jonathan Drake/Reuters) Seventeen-year-old activist David Hogg targeted Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) during an incendiary speech at the massive gun control protest that shut down Washington, D.C., Rubio Statement on U.S. Sanctions Targeting Cuban Oil Company that Enables Maduro Regime Miami, FL – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a statement after the U.S. Treasury Department, pursuant to Executive Order 13850, announced new sanctions against Cubametales, a Cuban state-controlled oil import and export company, for.

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In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" published profiles of the U.S. Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, who was one of the favorites going in to the 2016 GOP.

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