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Pat Aydellot was golfing at Fiddler’s Creek in Florida last week when he apparently spotted an alligator battling with a large burmese python on the edge of a pond just a few feet away from him..

Georgia resident Dave Jacobs and his family spotted a gator hanging out on an alligator-shaped pool float at an Airbnb in South Miami, the Miami New-Times reported.

Here are some places in Florida where you can reasonably expect to encounter an alligator: a storm sewer , the end of an airport runway , your local golf course . But this might be a first – while in town for a wedding, Georgia resident Dave Jacobs and his family spotted a gator casually chilling on an alligator-shaped pool float at their.

Alligator Found Lounging On Family’s Alligator Pool Float At Airbnb mason.zimmer 27 May 2019 In many cases, there’s a nice balance to the pros and cons of living in certain climates.

Watch: Florida dad dives over 4-foot pool fence to save son WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A Florida man’s lightning quick reactions and perfect dive over a 4-foot pool fence saved his 18-month-old son.

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An image of a Florida gator is circulating online. A Georgia man vacationing in Southwest Miami-Dade County captured the image of the alligator in a pool on Sunday. The animal is on top of a raft that is shaped like a gator. A wildlife management company was called in to remove the alligator after the picture was taken.

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The video features additional visuals of pink lemonade, flowers, bowls of candy and a shot of Swift lounging on a pool float that would make Elle Woods (of "Legally Blonde") proud. Pride Month: Taylor.

 · LITHIA, FL (WFLA) – A Florida family woke up Wednesday morning to find an uninvited guest in their pool, a big alligator. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home in Lithia’s fishhawk ranch subdivision wednesday morning. Deputies posted photos to Twitter showing the big gator lounging at the bottom of the pool.

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A 7-foot alligator scared a Florida woman who caught the reptile enjoying a late-night swim in her pool on July 27. Kerri Kibbe, a resident of Port Charlotte, Florida, discovered the massive alligator.