News about the terrible superhero "Florida Man" and his latest misadventures!. jump to content. my subreddits. Florida man tries to steal docked boat, but forgets to untie it as he tries to drive it. the list goes on, but for some reason they think they can get onto a boat and simply drive.

Trump has no credibility when calling for racial calm, rights leaders charge In a country that has long struggled with Muslim militancy and seen hundreds head to the Middle East to fight for the Islamic State (IS) group, fears were also mounting that anti-Islamic policies.

A church which had lead stolen from its roof has been refused an insurance payout – because it had scaffolding up. Holy Trinity’s insurer says it is not covered as the poles helped’ the thieves.

other MPs to hold the regular session of the As- sembly immediately to serve the interests of the country and citizens.

Wondering what it’s like to fly in luxury? Take a look around this private jet in KC private jet charter services offer extras like VIP check-in and others special services which reduce airport hassles. touring by private jet is no longer a new way to travel as more people embrace the luxury service options provided by operators. Up to 80% of people who use private jet charter service get hooked, so go ahead and fly private.

My dad was a roofer when I was young. I believe he owned his own roofing company in Florida. And then he fell through a roof, broke his back. Permanently. I mean, he’s not paralyzed or anything, but he’s had to deal with pain for all of his life since then. Channing Tatum

ST. LOUIS – A man was ambushed by three young people as he climbed the stairs to his front porch. It was all caught on his ring doorbell surveillance cameras. The video shows a man in his 80’s standing on his front porch when three teenagers approach him and point a gun in his direction.

a book with a male character called jane who was in a sub or at the docks when a bomb went off and he saw the people around him kind of melt. He then set out to find his family along the way he comes across a man and a women in a house and he uses the words full of spunk to describe her. He also uses a bike mask to be protected from the air.

You are in the park near your house and notice a man staring at you. He appears suspicious and you suddenly feel afraid. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do? A. take off running through a shortcut that will get you home quickly B. walk quickly but confidently down the busiest street that will take you to your house C.