For certain sharks, lying on the ocean floor is an impossibility. Species like the great white and the whale shark breathe by swimming nonstop; as they travel around, water is constantly flowing.

Peer over the sandstone cliffs at San Onofre State Beach in the springtime;. Kayakers paddle to and fro, the occasional sea lions bobs up and down. Beach, Florida, gives guests the chance to be part of a shark-tagging expedition.. spot for the toothy predators during pupping season in March and April.

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All this defining is not mere semantics. It is not arcane nit-picking. I am trying to make a very important point: to understand the true nature of shark attacks, it is necessary to use words with care and precision. So why have so many shark attacks, so close together, occurred off Florida and the East Coast this summer?

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Atlantic white sharks are the center of attention in the frenetic Cape Cod summer tourism season, as the combined resurgence of their primary food source, gray seals, and the shark population plays out. The shark season has been early and active, with numerous sightings and several temporary beach closings ordered as a result in July.

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Every year around this time Florida waters become slightly more "sharky.". Drone video shows thousands of sharks migrating off Florida coast. A half-eaten shark washed up on New Smyrna Beach.

Every year around this time Florida waters become slightly more "sharky." A recent video by Hydrophilik shows thousands of sharks, more than likely blacktip sharks, congregating between Fort.

After crash in Cuba, Florida college student can’t return home The plane reportedly crashed shortly after takeoff. It was bound for Holguin, a domestic flight of about one hour and 20 minutes. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who arrived at the scene, has said that there are "a high number of victims," reported AFP.. In a picture supposedly taken from inside the airport, a plume of black smoke can be seen rising from the end of a runway, as firefighters.

It all started with the 2009 class. J.D. Martinez, Michael Fiers and Miles Mikolas led the Sharks to a 37-19 record before all going in the same MLB Draft that summer. "I believe that 2009 season was.

This is a list of fatal shark attacks that occurred in United States territorial waters by decade in.. while trying to cross the Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach, Florida. He was about a half-mile offshore when a shark pulled him under the water. The boy, along with a family friend, had been swimming out from the beach to.

WALLACE: Brian Skerry is kind of a legend around here. heard of whale pop idol. WALLACE: That still leaves a big question though. Who are the edgy whale indie artists coming up with these new songs.