The Kentucky State BBQ Festival at Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville will feature seven pitmasters. Provided If you’ve been craving good barbecue, this is your weekend.

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A state. the kentucky farming families who settled here a century ago. In the 1940s, during its heyday, Bowling Green.

May 29, 2018. We’re sure the best cook-outs of the summer will be in your own backyard. But via social media, many of you shared with us your favorite organized barbecue festivals and competitions, from the Carolinas to California, from Texas to Tennessee.

In Kentucky, appropriate to our borderline location, we cook up just about any animal that has meat on it. We’re not as big as Texas, but we contain multitudes of barbecue." Three major styles dominate : long-smoked pulled pork, mutton, and grilled sliced shoulder.

Meat and fire tend to do that. a mustard sauce like us!” And they’re right. Though others may argue for Columbia or even Charleston, we like Greenville for the proximity of spots all serving up.

The self-declared "barbecue capital of the world," Lexington hosts a festival honoring North carolina barbecue (which is big on chopped pork and whole hog) every October. Up to 160,000 people come to try out 12,000 pounds of barbecue with 20 area restaurants, dozens of food vendors from elsewhere in the country and hundreds of other.

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Then on day two, Wes grubs on some of the best barbecue cooked by Pit Masters from all over and interviews some really passionate barbecue people. Join us as we have some fun at the Danville BBQ.

WOW! That’s really all I can say about the innaugural Kentucky State BBQ Festival.. Brad & Cindy Simmons of Lucky Dog BBQ contacted me a couple of months ago about an idea that they had to create a festival atmosphere where competition quality BBQ was available for purchase by the public. You see, BBQ competitions are all the craze these days but you can’t sample or buy the BBQ that the teams.

Whether firing up the grill for a pool party, barbecue or even just a weeknight meal, one thing’s for sure: summertime means grilling season. Grilling takes many forms and flavors from casual favorites like burgers and hot dogs to flame-kissed vegetables and the artistry of a perfectly done steak.

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