This is not to say that income inequality is the only factor leading to very high rent burdens. inequality is at its greatest in affluent counties. manhattan (New York County) has the highest.

With a rate of 4%, Florida’s rental car tax rate is tied for No. 30 among 44 states that excise taxes on rental cars, the study shows, and only nine states in the country charge lower rental car taxes. Oregon, California, Idaho, Nebraska, Georgia and Ohio do not excise taxes on rental cars.

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That makes Florida the most "rent-burdened" state in the nation, topping such other high rent states as California and New York. The study reports that only 30 percent of residents in those two states spend half their income on rent.

NEW YORK is looking to become the next state to require strict employee benefits for thousands of gig workers, following the lead of California. I’m not trying to put more of a burden on landlords.

Severe rent burden is defined as paying more than 50 percent of one’s income on rent. The 30-percent rule – that a household should spend no more than 30 percent of its income on housing costs – has long been accepted in academic circles and is often included in blogs and websites on family budgeting.

The national average rent jumped 0.2% in July, but rent in South Florida. highest month-to-month increase, up $13, or 0.8%, from June. The Magic City was No. 5 in RentCafe’s rankings of highest.

However, due to lower median annual incomes and/or higher rents, some cities see a far higher burden in rent. Charlotte, NC survey respondents came in as most rent burdened in the nation, spending 42% of their monthly income on rent. Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida both spend roughly 40%.

While it is a 1.4 percent decrease from the previous year, the rate remains the highest among states. It accounts for about 7.5 million Californians. The next closest is Florida with. with high.

The rent check can sting in Southern California. The regional cost of renting has surged at double the pace of overall inflation so far this century. Renters in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Underwater Mortgages Down 70% From the Housing Crisis Third, the paper investigates how bankruptcy can be used to address the foreclosure crisis by allowing bankruptcy judges to "cram-down" (partially forgive) mortgage debt in Chapter 13 when debtors’ mortgages exceed the value of their homes. The mortgage crisis has caused and continues to cause many homeowners to lose their homes.