· Section 522(f)(2)(C) does not create an exception to lien avoidance for mortgage deficiency judgment liens. In re Pace, No.16-8036 (B.A.P. 6th cir. june 20, 2017).. Antoinette Pace filed a chapter 13 petition in which she scheduled her residence with a value of $147,630 and claimed a homestead exemption in the amount of $132,900.

A deficiency judgment in a mortgage foreclosure suit is defined as a judgment for the balance of the indebtedness after applying the proceeds of a sale of the.

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They tend to come after the bank sells the home and ends up short. In Florida, banks can go to court for a "deficiency judgment" to collect the rest of the money owed on a mortgage after foreclosure,

A deficiency judgment is a lawsuit filed by the lender for the amount the borrower owes. This would typically occur after a foreclosure or a short sale. For example, if the borrower owes the mortgage.

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 · What is a Deficiency Judgment? A deficiency judgment is a court order issued against a borrower indicating that a foreclosure sale did not cover the borrower’s outstanding mortgage in full. The judgment operates as a lien on the borrower for the amount of the deficiency and allows the lender to come after the borrower’s personal property, wages, real estate holdings, or other assets in order to.

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A deficiency judgment is a judgment against Barry’s estate for the difference between what the lender is able to unload the home for after its foreclosure and the sum of the outstanding debt, accumulated interest, attorneys fees and costs of the transaction.

tana Legislature in 1935,0 Montana lenders found themselves una- ble to obtain deficiency judgments following purchase-money mortgage foreclosures.

Oppenheim Law, experienced Florida Deficiency Judgment Attorneys.. in Florida, if you are foreclosed upon and the mortgage balance exceeds the property's.

A deficiency judgment allows the house to be sold at a foreclosure sale for less than the outstanding mortgage debt. The difference between the debt and the foreclosure sale price is called the.