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But Gingrich has steadily broadened his attacks to now paint his rival as captive to Wall Street as well. He said Monday that Romney’s ties to Wall Street would make it difficult for him to draw.

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Being the non-Mitt Romney candidate in the Republican field is like. have become a central target of anti-government anger after the housing crisis. The challenge for Gingrich goes beyond.

Gingrich Hammers Romney For Opposing Amnesty & ‘Pandering to Hardliners’ as Romney Accepts Kobach Endorsement.. News media are reporting that Romney’s campaign plans to hit Gingrich hard in South Carolina next week for his alleged softness on illegal immigration.

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Romney also hit Gingrich on his ties to Freddie Mac. "He was at a debate saying the politicians who took money from Fannie and Freddie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself," Romney.

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+ Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties Mulvaney admits quid pro quo, says military aid withheld to get Ukraine to probe Dems ‘Start Here’: Mulvaney admits Ukraine quid pro quo

on Sunday, Romney compared Gingrich’s excuse-making for his bad debate performances to Obama’s excuses for why the economy isn’t doing better. Speaking to a heavily Cuban-American crowd in the parking.

The 2012 presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Representative from Georgia.. Gingrich was one of several candidates, including Mitt Romney, who did not contest the 2011 Ames Straw Poll. Scrutiny of Gingrich's "inside the Beltway" ties continued with the Washington Post reporting on November 17 that.

Gingrich defends Trump for calling out Obama over Russia probe By Fox News Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to ground zero of the housing crisis Tuesday to assail rival newt gingrich over his ties to the government-backed mortgage companies that helped make it worse, a message Romney has been pushing since he landed in the state. But that meant he also had to talk

Mitt Romney was quick to jump on that bandwagon, playing up the housing issue as he kicked off the week of campaigning in the Sunshine State, and hitting his chief rival, south carolina primary winner newt Gingrich, hard on his past ties to beleaguered housing giant Freddie Mac.

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