Mortgage Foreclosures, Missing Promissory Notes, and the Uniform Commercial Code: A New Article For the last few years I have been crossing the country giving lectures on what I now call the "Golden Rule of Mortgage Foreclosures," which is that such foreclosures cannot proceed without production of the original promissory note signed at the.

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beware the "lost note" or "lost mortgage" (deed of trust, security deed, etc.) position taken by foreclosing party in securitized mortgage foreclosure cases: nothing was "lost", and to so represent to the court is a serious matter and may provide borrowers with a reason to request dismissal of the foreclosure case.

The term "mortgage note" refers to the document that addresses the specific terms of the loan. As such, mortgage notes fall into the category of promissory notes, which include all legal documents detailing repayment, including mortgage notes, as well as other types of loans. Mortgage notes act as an easily liquidated asset.

Home Buyers Turn to Private mortgage notes private mortgage notes filled the void left behind by the FHA. Regulations left out a significant percentage of borrowers who didn’t have the credit history necessary to qualify for loans – and it also left out properties that were not in good enough condition to qualify for FHA loans.

I’d like to direct all listeners to read the cautionary note regarding. quarter of mortgage banking activity. We have seen.

My student loans have since been moved to great lakes so Im currently not making payments to nelnet. I noticed a few weeks ago on my credit report that I have 4 loans from nelnet that went from on time to 120 days late all within a month. From August to September of 2015 iirc. So Im curious if th.

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