Goodbye Loans can help determine if you qualify for the student loan forgiveness. Goodbye Loans matches thousands of graduates with federal programs that are offered by The Department of Education to consolidate and lower their current Federal student loans.

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FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS. Who Qualify To Get Federal Student Loans Students at 4-year colleges or universities, community colleges, or profession schools may submit an application for federal financial-aid, including grants (do not must be paid back), work study (parttime work to make money during college), and federal student loans.

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From that personal story, he created "bye student loan debt," an e-book and interactive website with personal financial tools that anyone can use to tackle personal debt.

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Together, this interactive website and book will give you the tools to say BYE to your student loan debt! The Problem: Of the students in advanced or secondary degrees, like doctors, more than half have over $100,000 in student loan debt and more than 30% have over $200,000 in debt!

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The Hartford Announces Loan Repayment Plan to Help Reduce Employees Student Debt October 8, 2019 Meet the lawyer who had $38,000 in student debt forgiven – he’s one of just 5% of applicants who did it

Student loan debt looms large for most college graduates, but one local professional has created a system to knock out $150,000 in student.

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Since the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act, we’ve been able to help students get their loans forgiven, saving them thousands of dollars! Everyone’s situation is unique. Some of the loan programs are income based, and specifically designed to help even those who may be on fixed incomes or in a low income bracket.