Four Arrested in Alleged $5.3 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme Targeted News Service RALEIGH, N.C. , Aug. 29 — The North Carolina Department of Insurance issued the following news release:

Insurance fraud is any act committed to defraud an insurance process. This occurs when a. Perpetrators in these schemes can be insurance company employees or.. insurance fraud networks and led to 74 arrests and a five-to-one return on. to 36 percent of auto-insurance claims contained elements of suspected fraud.

Gator breaks into home, steals red wine!? florida alligator breaks into Florida Woman’s home, steals her wine An 11-foot-long alligator busted through a kitchen window in Clearwater, Fla., early Friday, prompting terrified residents to call 911, according to police. Apparently disappointed by the menu, the gator proceeded to throw a wi

Yocheved Nussbaum was arrested with her husband Shemi Monday in connection with a public-assistance fraud scheme. Their arrest was part of a larger operation, led by federal and state authorities.

The nine people arrested are the alleged organizers of the scheme, including Diaz de Villegas, an insurance agent and a plumber. Officials will later arrest 25 homeowners accused of participating.

An insurance fraud scheme in Miami-Dade – the type of scam that leads to. Rundle identified the leader of the alleged scheme as public. Officials will later arrest 25 homeowners accused of participating in the scheme.. south florida and the Tampa area contacted authorities about possible fraudulent.

Miami Insurance Agent Arrested in $1.7M Fraud Scheme. she allegedly obtained and transferred more than 300 homeowner insurance. February 25, 2019.

In the alleged fraud, one or two workers per employer were actually be insured, but most were not, Georgia Insurance Department spokesman Brandon Wright explained. The scheme collapsed when injury claims were filed in California but no insurance policy could be found to cover them, authorities said.

South Florida Couple Arrested as Part of "Operation Flames and Floods": Authorities Scheme involved setting fires or creating floods, submitting claims to different insurance companies and.

Beau Eric Wilson, 34, of Gainesville, is arrested Thursday, June 13, 2019, at his Hall County home. Wilson is accused of being a part of a nationwide insurance fraud scheme.

Man arrested for leaving daughter to die in burning car who was trapped inside the burning car, police said. Rami Matariyeh, 22, has been charged with reckless homicide, aggravated DUI, leaving the scene of a crash causing death, and leaving the scene of a.

News 9 Charged in ‘Elaborate’ $600K Florida Home Insurance Fraud "There’s no blood, there’s no weapons, no gun shot, no body, but this is nonetheless a very serious crime that affects every single.

Four arrested, one wanted in alleged fake law firm scheme. An Alabama inmate is suspected of initiating the fraud scheme, state authorities said.

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Authorities to arrest 25 homeowners as part of alleged insurance fraud scheme. roles in a $600,000 residential insurance fraud scheme in Miami-Dade, and officials will arrest 25 homeowners who.