This huge list of Things To Do In Orlando Besides The Theme Parks is full of interesting activities and experiences for families or adults traveling without children! From unique nature encounters to soaring over the vast city of Orlando, there is plenty to peak your interest and keep you entertained for weeks!

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15 Things To Do For Fun in Orlando Besides Theme Parks.. Whether you’re planning a move, a vacation, or a day trip, here are things to do in Orlando besides go to a theme park! Get Travel Deals in Your Inbox. Email Address. Subscribe. By subscribing I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

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Amusement parks are not everyone’s “cup of tea.” Fortunately, there are tons of activities, attractions & places to go to Orlando besides Disney and other amusement parks. If you are looking for a relaxing nature trip, an educational trip, a visit to art galleries and museums, beach trips, biking or hiking trails, food trip, shopping.

10+ Things to Do in Orlando Besides theme parks june 13, 2018 By Amy Sherbert Leave a comment central florida is a traveler’s paradise-fabulous weather, delicious cuisine, and attractions to appeal to any and all visitors.

Orlando is one of the cheapest places in the United States to fly to, and Florida is one of the cheapest places for rental cars, so hopefully you will be able to get out and see these things. Best Things to do in Orlando Florida Besides Disney World 1. See Celebration

 · New to ICON Orlando, this giant Ferris wheel provides impressive views from 400 feet high. The spot is also full of shops, rides, restaurants, and other fun things to do in Orlando besides theme parks. Enjoy a smooth 20-minute ride in an air-conditioned capsule.

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