They don’t go taking a year off, either. After Hurricane Katrina. gaming capital of the Gulf Coast. The casinos that line the water tend to keep the party going long after the parade floats are.

GALVESTON – Plans for building a massive storm-surge protection system for the houston area. process going forward, not done after a plan is devised. The Army Corps of Engineers is devising a storm.

Survivors of Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle fear they have been forgotten A building in Callaway, Fla., destroyed by Hurricane Michael remains in shambles. CHARLOTTE KESL FOR THE.

Nothing along The Forgotten Coast is as it was prior to Hurricane Michael, and my blog is no exception, so I’ve just gotta roll with that. Our new MLS simply will not allow links to be posted to web pages, only emailed, so I’m going to continue writing my weekly reviews with the change being if you would like to see the links I typically include for the properties I will gladly do so, you.

They also fear never being "The Forgotten Coast" again. Residents of Mexico Beach are shell-shocked, devastated, tired and increasingly worried. They are worried their beautiful little area of Florida’s Gulf Coast will be forgotten by media that already moved on to the next big story, by relief workers and volunteers who must get back to.

Forgotten coast fears ‘investors are going to eat this area up’ after Hurricane Michael

The kids absolutely loved playing on the beach and having a view of the ocean from every room was amazing! The house was nicely equipped with everything you need to have home away from home. Our stay was cut short by Hurricane Michael but the owner helped us tremendously every step of the way. We look forward to going back!

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The awful toll has yet to be calculated, but Hurricane Michael’s damage is likely to be massive along the Panhandle and Florida’s Forgotten Coast, now a hellscape of flattened neighborhoods.

Forgotten Coast fears ‘investors are going to eat this area up’ after Hurricane Michael – Miami Herald

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Residents throughout the hard-hit Forgotten Coast are struggling with the same decision: Should they muddle through the messy, interminable recovery, or leave a home that might never be the same.