30 Extremely Bizarre "Florida Man" Stories That Prove That America’s In Far More Trouble Than We Thought "The fabric of our society is literally coming apart right in front of our eyes, and if we continue down this path it is hard to imagine any sort of a positive future for our nation.So please keep.

The Florida Man Challenge opened up a lot of people’s eyes to some of the bizarre crime stories that the Sunshine State produced. The party was in honor of the child of Allison Foster, the principal of a school where Carpenter worked. Foster reportedly helped Carpenter with a professional complaint.

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Masturbating Florida man slugs elderly man who asked him to stop. Kerry Vandergriff Miami-Dade Corrections. More On A drunk man who was masturbating in a Florida supermarket’s parking lot slugged an elderly man who told him to cut it out, a report said.

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"Florida Man" just keeps getting into more trouble. In recent years, "Florida Man" has become one of the Internet’s hottest memes, and there is never a shortage of new material because residents of the state seem to have a knack for getting arrested for some of the most bizarre crimes imaginable.

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With all that being said, here are 30 extremely bizarre Florida Man stories that prove that America is in far more trouble than we thought. #1 florida man steals ,000 in rare coins, uses them in change machines #2 Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Live Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window

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