Trump Victory Spokesman Emerson George said in a statement that the campaign is in "every corner of Florida" as both the Republican and Democratic national committees work to get an early.

Scaramucci disinvited from Florida Republican fundraiser for calling Trump’s tweets "racist" "The Mooch" denounced Trump’s comments as un-American – and warned they could hurt his re.

First-Time Homebuyer Programs for Florida Residents Despite the Florida Keys’ reputation as a "paradise," an alarming number of its residents are struggling. any real estate task needed, from first-time home buyers to effecting a 1031 exchange.

Florida has a large number of anti-Maduro Venezuelans and Cubans and is also likely to be a critical battleground state in the 2020 race for the White House.

 · Republicans fear that the loss of financial support and a growing rift over trade could hurt the party in November.

Giuliani’s Ties to Venezuelan Oligarchs Could Hurt Trump in 2020. The memory of socialism sways a significant portion of Latino voters to the Republican party. In 2016, 54 percent of Florida.

Some latin american diplomats see Democrats winning as a rebuke of President Trump’s use of immigrants as a political foil. Others fear the US foreign policy in region will stop or split in two.

In response, Democrats have highlighted the Trump administration’s decision not to grant TPS to Venezuelans in the United States, which would allow them to live and work without fear of deportation.

President Donald Trump’s threatened trade war has opened a rift within the Republican Party that some lawmakers and strategists believe could undermine their effort to keep their majorities in.

the smart move for Trump would have been to pocket that $1.38 billion and bolster it with an additional .1 billion he could arguably use without a declaration of a national emergency – by.

The trouble keeps stacking up for President Donald Trump: No major legislative success on Capitol Hill, pointed criticism from fellow gop lawmakers and previous Republican presidents blasting his.

The ruling, if it’s not overturned, means that President Donald Trump will not automatically be first on the 2020 ballot in Florida.

According to a report in the Washington Post, the failure to unseat Maduro before the election could hurt the [.] Florida Republicans in a panic that Trump will lose them the state – and him.

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Venezuela crisis resonates loudly in battleground Florida As venezuelan president nicolas maduro clings to power, many of the loudest American voices urging on the Trump administration in its.